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What’s Up, Miami?

nordicbet casino is a blog about Miami.  We react to local news and share our biased opinion on all of the local sports teams.  If something is trending in Miami, you’ll find out about it here first!  We aim to be the most interesting blog in the 305, so please don’t come here looking for serious journalism.  This blog is for entertainment purposes, so please enjoy our site!

Gotta Be Rich in Miami to Hang Out

So for that reason, we would like to introduce you to a business that allows you to work from home, on your own hours.   We present you, The Empower Network.


Let’s make some money together.

We went through this program because well, being in Miami means you have to spend a LOT of money.  So, another income stream was desired, and the Empower Network was something we thought we’d look into.  Here are our thoughts:

Empower Network Review

Empower Network has risen to massive hype during recent times. To understand what is, one needs to understand the working mechanism of websites and then try to comprehend as to how it is relevant to that working.

Whenever a website is created, it needs to be marketed, especially if the purpose of creating the website is to make money. The internet is full of different types of websites and therefore, creating one and then marketing it is not as easy as it may sound. On the internet, there are millions of websites and each site owner is looking to transform his or her website into a money making machine. In order to do that however, one should know that they have to put in a lot of effort.

There are different steps involved in effective promotion and marketing of any website. From keyword building to search engine optimization, there are plenty of pre-requisites and techniques that need to be followed. With every website, the website owner starts at step one. From there on, he or she climbs his way to the top. The process of creating and promoting websites is a fairly long one. This is when Empower Network comes into scenario. Empower Network is a creation of two geniuses who go by the name of David Sharp and David Wood. The idea behind this program is to allow website owners to skip the first few basic steps of promoting a website and directly jump to the later stages of the website marketing process.

With Empower Network, you will not be required to spend months on promoting your website because you will already start at a much advanced level as compared to your competitors. The working mechanism of this program is fairly simple. Empower Network has a very legit and big base established on the internet. This means that it is already quite well back linked on search engines such as Google. Therefore, if you start your blog on Empower Network, you will get indexed quicker than other blogs and will thus get an edge over your rivals.

Empower Network is a different concept and there are not many other programs such as this one.  The program already has a solid fan following but as of now, it is not as saturated as other hyped programs on the internet quickly become. The biggest benefit of using Empower Network is that you will not have to go through the hassle of spending long hours for months to promote your website. The whole aim of promoting websites is to make sure they are well indexed on search engines. Once a site gets properly indexed on search engines, there is an automatic increase in traffic and ultimately revenue.

It may sound quite simple but getting your site indexed on search engines is not that easy at all. It takes a lot of time for website owners to effectively market their websites on the internet. However, with Empower Network, one will not have to worry about getting his or her site indexed on search engines as Empower Network itself is already well indexed and as soon as you start blogging on their platform, your blog will not be a new blog or will not rank on the lowest level on search engines. Rather, it will rank higher, better than many beginner and professional websites.

Since Empower Network has risen to massive fame, there are many people who question its legitimacy. A lot of questions have been raised regarding whether this is a scam or it’s legit. After researching on Empower Network and reading customer testimonials, the conclusion I reached on is that the network is definitely legit. Whenever anything gets massively promoted on the internet or a lot of hype encircles a product, it is usually questioned and unfortunately, Empower Network has been met by similar reaction.

In order to join Empower Network and establish your blog on its powerful platform, you will have to pay minute fees of $25. In my opinion, the fee is nothing compared to the massive benefits this network offers and how beneficial it will be for you to establish your blog on it. It is also a good time for users to start their blog on this network as currently it is not very saturated, which means that you will be able to reap the maximum benefits of the platform if you start blogging on it right away.

In conclusion, it goes by without saying that Empower Network is definitely a very solid platform for one to start their website hosting experience due to the fact that with this network, you will no longer be required to spend long hours on promoting your website as you will already get an edge over your completion. More importantly, it should also be noted that irrespective of how long you have been in the internet business or how well you know the internet marketing principles, you will still not be able to cover them all on your own. Even if you are, it will take you a lot of time. Majority of the people who want to start their website hosting experience tend to seek help from other sources in order to promote their website. These sources may include search engine optimizers, dedicated link builders, keyword optimizers and more. In order to seek help from these sources, they spend a lot of extra money. However with Empower Network, you will not be needed to spend any amount more than $25 as with its help, you will be able to omit majority of the rules associated in internet marketing and effective promotion of websites.

For those who are still concerned regarding the effectiveness of Empower Network and can’t decide whether or not it’s a scam should know that a wasteful product or service never gets hyped as much as Empower Network has. Yes, there are products and services that have been hyped unnecessarily which turned out to be scams but always remember that the hype encircling scam products is always short lived. On the other hand, Empower Network has been in the limelight since a considerable amount of time and customers only have positive things to say about it.

On the whole, Empower Network is a great platform for all new website owners who are looking to start their blog hosting experience and want to make a living off their website. With Empower Network, you will not have to worry about spending a lot of extra time promoting your site on the internet and spending additional dollars to do so as you will automatically get an edge over your competition if you host your blog on Empower Network. However before you decide to spend $25 to use the service, it is advisable to search on the network; visit different websites and read customer reviews about the product to understand what the product essentially is.


Made In Miami: Check it Out

LifeCell Wrinkle Cream Review – Miami’s Own

We all have wrinkles somewhere on our skin. But if these wrinkles start appearing on our face, particularly next to the eyes and lips, things start getting really bad. I recently hit my twenty ninth birthday and I quite didn’t like the fact that wrinkles started appearing on and around my lips. I was obviously unsure what to do because I was told that wrinkles don’t appear before a certain age. I was obviously expecting them to start showing up when I hit like my forties, but I was wrong.

Wrinkles appear regardless of your age because these are result of damaged skin cells. I too had damaged skin cells that created these fine lines around my lips that made me look hideous. Now imagine being still far away from the forties, you start showing wrinkles. You do not want them and you are ready to take any step to stop them from growing or keep them away from you for at least another ten years. Well it all sounds quite easy, but how do you do it? How do you repair your damaged skin cells so that the wrinkles can disappear and give you a fresh new look. The answer to this may be quite simple.

The right product for the right job

Before getting my hands on LifeCell, I had always believed that getting natural treatment was the best way to go. But unfortunately, natural remedies can take a lot of time and have a risk of not working out in the end. I tried natural remedies for nearly eight months before giving up and looking for a good product to deal with my problem. I put in a lot of effort to find the right product before I bought one because a lot of these anti aging products can produce adverse side effects such as pimples, rashes and redness of the skin. I wasn’t ready to trade wrinkles for another skin problem so I carefully picked my treatment.

LifeCell may be the only product that produces results without adverse side effects

LifeCell is a great wrinkle cream. It is because it comes with a perfect blend of natural and chemical ingredients to deal with the problem at its core. It does so effectively that you start seeing the results within days. This remedy works in two steps. The first step it takes is to conceal your wrinkles so you can go about without showing prominent wrinkles while still being in treatment. The second step is when the cream deals with the core problem; the damaged cells. LifeCell encourages health in the cells by giving them nourishment that ultimately leads to a better cell re-growth rate. This is when your wrinkles actually start to disappear.

I was quite impressed with the results after the six week treatment had ended. I stopped using the product for a week and still did not show any signs of wrinkles on my skin. It was clear that the product had worked for me. The best bit was that it never produced any kind of side effects. Now I have started showing some wrinkles around my neck and I intend to go back in treatment so I can stop them from appearing for a long time. If you can’t imagine a life without wrinkles, read the lifecell reviews at

Miami Weddings – What You Should Know

So you want to get married in Miami?  It’s actually a great idea.  Miami weddings are quite common, and some of the biggest celebrities in the world choose to exchange vows in Miami.

We’re doing a series on Miami Weddings.  Today we’ll talk about how to bust into the uber-competitive field of destination wedding photography and videography.

Five tips for an upcoming wedding photographer.

The art of wedding photography is slowly changing from what we used to have some decades back to new styles with modern artistic images. Below are some guidelines   to help an upcoming wedding photographer get a picture of what a modern bride wants and how to achieve those images.

  1. Meeting the couple for the first time:

A couple with do a scrutiny of a number of photographers and come up with a list of a few photographers from where they will select the best. Once you are considered by a couple and they book an appointment with you, show the couple how excited you are to work for them. Putting on an attractive personality that will make them desire to work with you. Remember you may have all they require from the equipments to the images you produce but remember if you do not win the couples trust, and they do not get confidence in you, then you may not get the chance to work for them. Also sell to them your styles and expertise in that field. Remember this is like a job interview and you have to pass to get that chance.

Miami Wedding Photography

A beautiful wedding in Miami.

  1. Get the necessary equipment on the ground.

Once you have been given the job, remember the couple will settle for nothing but the best. Make sure your equipment is in line with the technology and are up to standard to leave no room for error. You can consider hiring a camera if you do not have confidence in the one you have and use yours as a backup in case of any un anticipated happening. Good equipment will give you confidence and a peace of mind and remove any worries of not producing the best.

  1. Be sure to capture all the images of what is going on around.

Photographers spend all their time on the wedding couple and forget to capture interesting images of what is going on around and which will produce a good picture of how the wedding was. Always make sure you capture images of the guests in attendance and be sensitive to the small things like two women chatting happily or children dancing and make sure you get them as these are some of the things that will bring some uniqueness in the wedding.

  1. Maintain consistency in your pictures.

Every photographer has some uniqueness in the way they take they photographs. This is what creates consistency in his photos and makes the photo to be easily associated with him. Make sure that uniqueness in style is consistent in your photos and this will make them more appealing.

  1. Post some images on the blog after the wedding.

After the wedding is over and you are doing the editing, surprise the couple with putting some of the best images on your blog. Also add some comments congratulating them and talking of   how colorful the wedding was and how you enjoyed working for them. You can also put them in the social media and this will be a good way of marketing your photography as you are sure they attract a lot of attention and the couple will share them with their close friends and you can get a potential client from there.

Lastly, appeal to the budget consumer as well as the high end consumer.  Potential clients lead to referrals, and we all know how those can snowball into bigger things.  More on that over here.

Miami is Home to Various Brands of E-Cigarettes

Electronic cigarettes are becoming wildly popular on Miami Beach and surrounding areas.  Did you know that Miami is home to several brands of electronic cigarettes?

While perusing some electronic cigarette reviews online, I discovered that many companies use the proximity to the port of Miami to import products and help this growing business become even larger.

Here’s some factual information for anyone looking to learn more about electronic cigarettes.

Electronic cigarettes have quickly risen to fame as an increasing number of smokers have begun to embrace it with open arms. This is due to the fact that amongst all other smoking alternatives, electronic cigarettes are considered to be the best.

Electronic cigarettes are smoking alternatives that are able to deliver nicotine directly in one’s blood stream. Due to this, they are able to deliver an actual smoking experience. Experts are of the opinion that electronic cigarettes are the best smoking alternate to have ever been introduced and definitely help in saving an individual’s life. Moreover, if one looks at the success of e-cigs and how effective they have been in aiding people to quit smoking, their significance in helping one live a healthier life cannot be denied.

At the same time though, there are groups that criticize electronic cigarettes as well. According to many, this is part of the bigger plan to bring this highly successful product down. There is plenty of misinformation surrounding the product as many have expressed their concerns about it, its safety and whether e-cigs can actually help a person quit smoking. Some experts and people in the health industry have also expressed worry regarding the impact of e-cigs on children, who through the use of e-cigs allow the entry of nicotine in their blood stream and this just doesn’t hold true for children only as the same groups are also worried about adults inhaling and permitting entry of nicotine in their bloodstream due to smoking electronically.

To learn whether e-cigs are good for you or not, or before taking it up as a habit, one should familiarize themselves about the product, what it is actually meant to achieve, how it achieves it and other related queries. If you have been meaning to quit smoking and want to learn more about the best smoking alternate in the market, keep reading this article.

One common thing that people want to know about electronic cigarettes is that how close are they to actual, regular cigarettes. Electronic cigarettes are extremely similar to regular cigarettes; similar to an extent that they can satisfy the desires of hardcore smokers to the very core. According to several reports, smokers that smoke about 1-2 packs of regular cigarettes per day, who switch to electronic cigarettes, are able to quit the deadly habit of smoking for good. The vapour of e-cigs, which is just like the smoke of regular cigarettes, tastes, looks and feels like actual tobacco smoke and therefore, it is able to deliver the exact same satisfaction that regular cigarettes do and one that smokers crave.


Normal, regular cigarettes contain more than 4000 toxic chemicals. However, people express the same concerns regarding electronic cigarettes, as because nicotine is delivered directly in the blood stream, people worry whether it is a safe option and if it comprises of the chemicals that usual cigarettes do. E-cigs actually don’t contain any of the toxic chemicals that regular smokes do. This is because they don’t have nicotine and they therefore don’t omit actual smoke. In regular cigarettes, the real cause of concern is smoke. Smoke is the actual health hazard in cigarettes. The working mechanism of electronic cigarettes is such that they are not burnt. They operate on batteries and therefore, nicotine is delivered in the blood stream when one inhales the vaporized water solution. Electronic cigarettes don’t have tar or any other chemicals such as carbon monoxide or more that usual cigarettes do. According to a report conducted by Royal College of Physicians, nicotine is not as harmful as other things found in regular cigarettes such as tar and nicotine. Nicotine has been ruled to have no long term effects on one’s health. Electronic cigarettes’ smoke contains about 20 some ingredients, which include nicotine. All of these ingredients are thought to be safe and not to have adverse effects on one’s health, if consumed properly through proper following of instructions.

Can E-Cigs Help You Quit Smoking

E cigs are not marketed as smoking cessation aids or products. They are used by smokers who want to pick up an alternate to regular smoking and use the product anywhere they want. According to many and different studies, electronic cigarettes are effective in helping one quit smoking. The product is used similar to how other smoking alternatives are used, such as nicotine gum or patches but they are generally thought to be more effective.

Vapor Shark's Store

Vapor Shark is a retail outlet located in Miami.

E-Cigs and Food & Drug Administration

As electronic cigarettes deliver nicotine in one’s blood stream directly, they are not yet approved by the Food and Drug Administration as of now. However, there is hope that they would be approved and will start selling openly soon.

Opposition Against Electronic Cigarettes

People who want to start smoking electronically want to know why some groups strongly oppose the product. This can be a tricky and complicated question. Some groups are interested in protecting the public and therefore show opposition on grounds that the product allows direct delivery of nicotine in one’s blood stream. However, on the other hand, there are groups who are interested in protecting their products and therefore are seeking ways to cut down its popularity. These groups have a certain financial interest that they have to protect and therefore try their best to run campaigns that oppose electronic cigarettes.

No Restrictions on Electronic Cigarettes

One of the biggest benefits of electronic cigarettes is that they can be used anywhere and there are no restrictions on its use whatsoever. This is due to the fact that e-cigs don’t omit any smoke and therefore are allowed to be used in public areas including bars and restaurants where normal cigarettes are banned.

Electronic Cigarettes And Kids

Electronic cigarettes don’t target kids. There is a lot of misinformation that they do but this again is wrongful information. The claim that e-cigs target kids is due to the fact that they are available in an assortment of flavours such as vanilla, chocolate, fruit and others. However, there are so many flavours available in electronic cigarettes not because they are meant to attract kids but because electronic cigarettes manufacturers want to deliver variety to their target customers, which are adults. It is also important to note that electronic cigarettes are not very cheap and therefore cannot be afforded by most kids. If they had to be targeted towards kids, they would have been more expensive. A typical, basic starter kit of electronic cigarettes cost somewhere between $60+, a price that cannot be afforded by kids. The bottom line is that e-cigs are not targeted towards kids at all. They are meant to cater the needs of adults who have been looking to cut the habit of smoking.

The Best Kind Of Electronic Cigarette

Answering this question is like answering what is better; McDonalds or KFC. The fact of the matter is that just as KFC and McDonalds, all electronic cigarettes brands are different and cannot be compared. There are some leading e-cig brands in the market such as V2 Cigs, Ever Smoke and others. However, all these brands have something different to offer in terms of taste, quality and other factors. To determine the best electronic cigarettes brand, it is important that you conduct some research on your part. Since there are many brands in the market, researching on the best e-cigs brand is vital to find out the best brand in the market. Only after you conduct the necessary research will you be able to find out the electronic cigarettes brand that is best for you. Also, if you are a first timer, if you don’t like your first pick, you should not get scared or judge the product because it might be so that the brand you tried might not have worked on you. It is in your best vested interest that while researching on electronic cigarettes, read customer reviews on the product and different brands instead of falling blindly for typical electronic cigarettes review sites. This is because customers paint the true picture of any company, brand or product.

Cost of Electronic Cigarettes

The cost of electronic cigarettes vary; a good e-cig start kit which typically comprises of a charger, rechargeable battery along with 5 nicotine cartridges, comes with a price tag of $100 to $150. However, you can also find cheaper ones in the market that cost somewhere between $50-$70. It is advisable to not base your decisions on the price factor only as by doing so, you may be compromising on quality. There are many people who get scared from the initial $100 or so price tag but it is important to note that if you do the math, you will learn that at the end, you are only going to save money.

Where To Buy Electronic Cigarettes

Electronic cigarettes are not openly sold in markets yet and therefore, you can purchase them online, through official websites of e-cig manufacturers. There are also some super marts that sell them too. However, it is best to buy them from the manufacturer’s official website.